A spiritual counselor in N.J.will take you through 7 different phases, each of which has unique characteristics and importance.

In this blog, we’ve highlighted them in details.

So, let’s proceed!

First Stage

The first stage of spiritual evolution is characterized by ignorance or lack of knowledge and information of an individual about the nature of spirit and spiritual reality.

According to the experts of this art, it’s quite common with people who limit themselves to believing in only what they perceive with their five senses or mechanistic science.

Second Stage

The second stage is characterized by an accentuated sensitivity towards the other state of consciousness. This is often the direct impact of pursuing popular traditional methods, such as practicing yoga.

Persistence presence of a trusted spiritual consultant in N.J in one’s life can help awaken the subtle forces of nature that are instrumental in harnessing her/his true potential.

Third Stage

The third stage is characterized by the ardent and continuous search for an authentic spiritual journey. It is primarily a combination of therapies, predictions, and meditation.

The third stage of spiritual counseling is particularly effective for an individual who believes that she/he has attained enlightenment and that the method she/he uses is the right one! A best Vedic astrologer in U.S.A is the right person to guide the individual throughout the procedure so that she/he passes the third stage successfully.

Fourth Stage

The fourth stage involves preserving the momentum towards an authentic spiritual journey. During this phase, an individual gradually discover the barriers that are preventing her/him from harnessing their true potential and overcome them. The specific methods that are implemented in this phase depend on the analysis of a spiritual counselor in N.J.

Fifth Stage

In the fifth stage, a spiritual consultant in N.J. focuses on establishing stability and inner peace. As the obstacles start moving away from the path of consciousness, the level of mental agitation decreases, and peace prevails. This phase is steadily accompanied by an in-depth analysis of the current state of mind.

Sixth Stage

In the sixth stage, a competent spiritual counselor in N.J. helps an individual understand that every incident taking place in this Universe is due to God’s will. Ignorance of the individual is transformed into true knowledge that is, love for all human beings is of utmost importance.

Seventh Stage

Spiritual revolution characterizes the seventh stage. Now that the presence of God has been rooted in the heart and soul of the individual, a spiritual consultant in N.J. makes sure that it remains constant throughout her/his life.

So, here was our complete guide on the 7 stages of the counseling process. Ensure to get in touch with the best Vedic astrologer in U.S.A to revive your soul and lead a life of peace, prosperity and happiness.