Dina Visram is the Sacred Heart Nurse

A gifted intuitive healer and clairvoyant who specializes in clearing core issues and blocks that hold you back from stepping into your true power, passion and purpose.


I work with the inner child to bless, heal and nurture that most sacred part of yourself.

Clear core issues and blocks that hold you back from stepping into your true power, passion and purpose.

Awaken the Shakti (sacred feminine power) that already exists within you.

Release the ancestral karmic patters and beliefs around money, wealth, success and abundance.

My ancestral karmic clearing includes an alchemical blending of the multi-level healing modalities to clear and remove negative energies from your energy field.


Dina Visram, the Sacred Heart Nurse, is a Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree in Nursing who has practiced cardiac (heart) nursing for 17 years. She is a trained Reiki Master and Crystal Reiki Master. She is trained in Pranic Healing, Spiritual Counseling, Cord Cutting, Chakra Healing and is a Certified Angel Card Reader and Akashic Record Reader.

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Ways we can work together

Divine Heart

Angel Card Reading

Healing Heart

Pranic Healing/Chakra Balancing/Cord Cutting


Release 6 blocks in 6 weeks and attract your soulmate relationship

Ancestral Heart

Clear your Ancestral Karmic Shadows 

Transformation doesn’t have to take a lifetime!!!


"I came to Dina with issues regarding my son. She could see an energetic knot related to ancestral karma. She helped me step by step for the following 3 weeks and on the last day she asked me to do a simple ancestral karma release ritual. After 3 days of doing this karmic healing work, my son is finally committing to life and decided to get engaged, received a $500 a month salary increase and found a paying roommate for $1000 a month! Thank you for helping me bring so much joy into our family" Minaxi Varma, Private Client

"Dina is an absolute gem. I know without a doubt that she was placed in my life for a reason. If you’re seeking inspiration, guidance, truth and love, Dina gives it all.

She shares her gifts, her talent, and her knowledge as she follows her heart and listens to her guides in order to help you through any blocks, create breakthroughs and live your best life.

If you have the opportunity to work with Dina, don’t hesitate, just do it…I promise, you will be blessed!"

Malia Holleron, Private Client
"Thank you so much Dina for clarifying this issue regarding my past. You have such an incredible gift/instant connection with me, one I have not had with any others with a similar/same intuitive gift as yours. Thank you so much for your guidance as you have no idea how much it has helped me, your name will be on my gratitude list. In addition to your valuable insight you have recommended so many additional resources. Thank you. Love and Light." Annmarie Reddie, Private Client
"My main struggle in my business has always been lack of self confidence. I have been subconsciously struggling because I wasn't sure if I have chosen the correct path. Just one session with Dina made all those doubts disappear! She made me realize that this is what I'm meant to be doing and guided me towards the right mindset! Believe it or not, after that mental block has disappeared. She indeed helped me boost my confidence in my business! I've had more people coming to me since our call and I have gotten so many more clients! I'd totally recommend her. Karolina Assi, Branding Strategist

Want to know which shadow of Ancestral Karma is blocking your Abundance?

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