About Dina

As a Heart Nurse, Intuitive Healer and Clairvoyant, I have mastered the the ability to access my intuition.

Within a matter of minutes, I can uncover the old emotional childhood issues and ancestral energetic blocks that hold you back.

This allows me to access your energy and emphasize emotional and spiritual healing principles that helps you release the blockages and limiting beliefs that prevent you from living your true potential.

I had an inner knowing at the age of 9 years old that I was here to heal people.I have led many past lives as a healer, once as an Abenaki Native Indian healer, and as a spiritual teacher in Tibet. Working as a heart nurse for 17 years made me realize that healing has to occur in all different facets and dimensions, and not by only focusing on physical symptoms.

I’m a detective for people can’t figure what’s wrong with them – I look at people’s patterns and see the big picture, so that I can help people make lasting changes. I also point out hidden diagnoses to doctors – things that they may miss.

These patterns that I’m able to see aren’t just clinical diagnosis – there are deeper things that need to be healed in order to change.

Healing the inner child is about healing your childhood.


Once you are past your childhood years and you are an adult, many people still continue to operate life on autopilot. The programming from your childhood years runs your life from there on, until you make a decision to change these limiting beliefs and blocks that keep you “stuck”.

Most people aren’t aware that there are ancestral blocks that they’re carrying with them that can be cleared through ancestral karmic healing.

There are 7 shadows of Ancestral Karma.

I have a gift of seeing what shadow you have, and helping you clear it.

Your ancestors may have had blocks and beliefs around money, wealth, success and abundance. Your women ancestral lineage may have had limiting beliefs related to worthiness, deservingness and powerlessness. These beliefs also carry a heavy energy of guilt, shame, and self punishment. My ancestral karmic healing includes an alchemical blending of the multi-level healing modalities to clear and remove negative energies from your energy field.

Major changes started happening in my life when I went through my own spiritual awakening process.

I realized that I could no longer just be a clinical heart nurse, but that I’m here to heal on a deeper level. That’s when the Sacred Heart Nurse was born.

My spiritual journey started unexpectedly one fine evening when I went to check in at the front desk. I was in Atlanta for a work-related conference. The lady at the front desk handed me my room key and said “Welcome Mrs Visram, your room number is 1111”. Right on the 11th floor with room number 11!!!

I was in utter shock for a second and could not understand why was I seeing this number.

I silently said and prayer and rushed to my room.

In an hour I was to met my colleagues who had also checked in on the same day and found out that ALL of  them were on the 6th floor!

I couldn’t sleep that night. I was so afraid and fear crept in. I left my rooms lights on the whole night and hardly slept.

Later on I found out that 1111 is a wake up call to my soul purpose and mission and that I am asked to walk the path of light as a lightworker.

My spiritual journey was difficult but very rewarding. In the beginning nothing made sense. I was very frustrated and lonely. I longed to go home – home being my divine home. But I showed up bravely for this change. And yes started seeing 555 during this time and other number synchronicities as I accelerated my soul growth and realized my unique purpose on the planet.

I was guided by angels and spirit guides to go for courses, learn new things, read new books. Mentors started presenting themselves into my life. I was asked to change my diet, become more mindful of the environment, stop using chemical-based products, start eating organically. I was exposed to non-traditional healing modalities like Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Theta Healing, Chakra Alignment, Affirmations, Self empowerment techniques, Manifesting, Inner child healing, Past-life regressions, Ancestral karmic healing. I developed clairvoyance and my intuition heightened.

After going through this powerful transformation that took me two and a half years of trial and error, I finally became the true limitless ME!

What took me so long to become awakened doesn’t have to take you that long at all. With my mentorship, guidance, knowledge and direction you can too can have the life you were meant to live… NOW!!!


I know Dina both professionally and personally. During this time, she has been the person I would turn to when in need of guidance in stressful and challenging situations. She always takes the time to listen, and her calm demeanor, perceptiveness, and honesty have helped to calm me on numerous occasions. There are instances when we must work in very challenging situations with problematic behaviours from others.     Dina has the remarkable ability to de-escalate tense situations which benefits the entire group. She knows exactly what is needed at that moment to be helpful.   She is truly genuine in her care for the welfare of others and is beloved by everyone who has met her. She always looks for opportunities to turn a negative into a positive and for that I am very grateful.  Sometimes I tend to dwell in that negative place for longer than I would have liked.   Dina would readily share books that she has read that she feels would be helpful to personal and spiritual growth, or any positive thoughts or quotes.  I also have printed copies of some of her affirmations and have them hanging in my office. They are a source of peace and never fails to make me smile. She’s even advised me on the color of the candles I needed once when I was having a rough time, and it made a difference.   Her mentoring techniques have helped me professionally and personally as I have adopted them to my personal interactions as well. I have come to rely on her advice, mentoring, calming spirit, can do attitude and her enthusiasm to always extend a helping hand when needed.   Annette Smith Durrette RN, MSN.

Professional Bio:

Dina Visram, the Sacred Heart Nurse, is a Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree in Nursing who has practiced cardiac (heart) nursing for 17 years. She is a trained Reiki Master and Crystal Reiki Master. She is trained in Pranic Healing, Spiritual Counseling, Chakra Healing and is a Certified Angel Card Reader and Akashic Record Reader.