Abundant Ancestral Heart

Clear your Ancestral Karmic Shadows in Six Private Sessions

I start by looking deeper into your family’s karmic mapping and clear any of the seven Ancestral Karmic shadows and sub-shadows 

When we work with the help of our Divine Guides and Angels, and with the support of the departed and soul family, so much shifts so quickly, we often think of it as miraculous, or a miracle.

 I will lead you powerful karmic cleansing to clear ancestral blocks, vows of poverty and any other collective blocks that come up during our sessions.

During this session I will activate the Universal Symbol of Prosperity. This ancient and secret symbol promises prosperity simply by unlocking and then unblocking stumbling steps sitting in your psyche and your subconscious. See, symbols speak directly to the soul!

I will clear the seven Ancestral shadows and sub-shadows.

There will be a series of deep cleansing and healing meditations to dissolve and clear these shadows and patterns.

I will also lead you through a deep cleansing ritual.

Lastly I will activate your “Purva Punya “ (Good Past Life Karma) and I will bring them into your current lifetime so you can reclaim wealth, abundance and prosperity.

These are six, forty-five minute sessions with me.

I recommend spacing them out to once a week for 6 weeks.

After our first session, I will be booking the next sessions with you.

Your investment: $1597 


two payments of $555


“I came to Dina with issues regarding my son. She could see an energetic knot related to ancestral karma. She helped me step by step for the following 3 weeks and on the last day she asked me to do a simple ancestral karma release ritual. After 3 days of doing this karmic healing work, my son is finally committing to life and decided to get engaged, received a $500 a month salary increase and found a paying roommate for $1000 a month! Thank you for helping me bring so much joy into our family” Minaxi Varma, Private Client
“I was very skeptical at first when I decided to sign up for this course and only decided to work with Dina to prove to myself that these types of energetic modalities would never work for me. Oh Boy! I was so wrong. I have been working for this company for a year and a half now. I completed this course on a Sunday and on the following Wednesday my manager, out of the blue, called me in the office and told me that I had received a bonus. I was like ok, great and in my head was thinking of a couple thousand dollars, as that was the most I had got from my previous jobs. I was so amazed when he told me it’s 15K! Thank you! Thank you!” Hardik V., Private Client
“I completed this course on Monday. During which you identified that I was a monk in my previous lifetime and you helped me severe the vows of poverty that I had made in that lifetime. You sent me the Oath of Manifestation. I read it during our session. When I finally got settled in my own space I read the Oath again with intent. Today is Thursday and I finally received a raise at my job. My income jumped up by $300.00 month! This is very powerful. And so amazing. Please share it with everyone. Thank you to you. Thank you to the universe, Thank you Jesus.” Kammie N., Private Client

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