I tune into your energy, see and receive messages for you from the Angelic Realm.

During the readings I see past lives and any vows and agreements you have made in that life-time that is affecting you in this lifetime.

Vows of poverty, Vows of Self-Sacrifice or Vows of Celibacy are the more common ones. I help you Rescind these vows, so you can attract more love and abundance in your life.

These readings are truly magical and incredibly empowering.

Whether it’s clarity you are looking for, removing blocks that always seem to be interfering in your life, or you simply want to feel on purpose and fulfilled, this reading is for you.

Do not wait and suffer any longer.

Book your reading today and welcome love, abundance and money into your life now!



“The moment I got on the call with Dina I could instantly feel her good energy and that it was clear and pure. I didn’t go in with a lot of questions, so I just let the reading take its natural course. During the session, everything she felt and said was SO accurate to areas I had been feeling confused about and blocked in. She allowed me to see the areas I was closed off to energetically and where there got to be healing and told me specific ways to heal those. As the session went on, everything she said resonated deeply with me as she brought to light things I had no idea about, but made complete sense. I am feeling so clear on where I get to heal to open up my gifts, allow in abundance into my life and be open to love. Thanks SO much for this wonderful experience Dina and sharing your healing gifts with the world!” Niki, D. Private Client
“I feel at peace and much more self aware after my reading session with you! Thank you for walking me through every aspect of my life and helping me understand myself and my surroundings much more soundly. I felt connected, understood and genuinely guided by you. This was my first reading experience and it has answered so many of my questions and given me a more purposeful direction. Thank you for being so kind, patient and empowering and giving me a fresh and much needed perspective! Sakshi, D. Private Client