Healing through Energy is a simple yet powerful & effective system of no-touch energy healing. 

I work with your energy Aura, where I scan, feel, sweep and clean away congested energy to energize, or supplement areas in your aura that have a pranic deficiency.

 I also activate your energy centres, or “chakras,” during this session.

I cut cords to release repetitive patterns and connections with situations that are no longer for your highest good.

I activate your DNA

The DNA Activation & Expansion can help you to: Release life-long beliefs and emotional patterns that prevent you from achieving the desired results you want in your relationships, career, health and financial goals. Create a greater sense of clarity, confidence and self-awareness and achieve your full potential. Greatly expand your intuitive abilities and heighten consciousness. Inspire you to participate in and expand your own growth and healing processes. Reconnect with divine wisdom and the universal intelligence. Reduce the effects of aging. Cellular regeneration speeds up and degeneration slows down. Increase the activity of the immune system; the body tends to heal faster.

I see past-lives during these sessions and any vows or agreements that you have made in those life-times that are affecting you in this life-time.

Vows of poverty, Vows of Self-Sacrifice or Vows of Celibacy are the more common ones.

I help you Rescind these vows, so you can attract more love and abundance in your life.

This healing session is truly magical and incredibly empowering.

Whether it’s clarity you are looking for, removing blocks that always seem to be interfering in your life, or you simply want to feel on purpose and fulfilled, this healing is for you. 

 Disconnect the energetic cords and watch your life transform for the better. 

Do not wait and suffer any longer.

Book your healing today and welcome love, abundance and money into your life now!

This is a 30 minute healing session with Dina.


“I knew as soon as I heard about you (on Instagram) I had to be in touch. Magically enough we were in contact the same exact day. Her energy healing is so profoundly deep and true. I let her into my energy, allowed myself to be fully open to receive all she had for me. I remained in a meditative state while we were on the phone. I felt a hot flash of energy fill my heart, stirring things up, to have it follow with a bright feeling and a yellow light, leaving me calm and smiling. Then a shaking feeling in my stomach, that followed with a soothing rocking motion, to have felt as if there were more than 1 energies inside me all at the same time. She then explained to me about all my chakras, how she unlocked then, cutting ties from my past lives and childhood. Everything she said resonated deeply with me, the whole experience was magic, and I am left sitting here after our call, so happy, so bright and the deepest feeling of peace. She is a true healer. If this is something you believe or feel open to please give her a call, let her light find you, because its being an amazing experience, pure magic. Julia, Private Client   Such a kind, giving soul. I believe I manifested Dina’s healing session, its something I have been needing in my life. I felt waves in my solar plexus and old traumas turned to fog.   She explained to me why I had certain blockages, how to heal them and answered any questions I had along the way. She cut cords and got rid of the arrows I had in my back causing my ptsd (post traumatic stress disorder). She also gave me great advice on how to strengthen my clairvoyance. Her healing and advice is priceless! I will definitely return to her for more sessions! I am still feeling the affects of her healing! I am definitely going to recommend her to all my friends who I feel could benefit from her gifts.Daisey, Private client